Founders and Funders

When he’s not busy educating Toronto geeks on fashion style, David Crow dedicates a lot of his time to organizing and participating in tech community events.

founders and funders Now I just came across the Founders and Funders event, which he and Jevon MacDonald of StartupNorth are bringing to Toronto on June 4 – for the second time.

Started in Montreal last November, Founders & Funders is about “helping to connect the founders of early-stage, venture fundable web and technology companies with the funding community in Canada.”

Sounds like a great concept to me.

Founders & Funders is a private, invite only social event.

Founders and Funders is dedicated: to helping Canadian entrepreneurs to meet each other; meet potential funders: angel, VC or other money sources; to have fun; and see how we can help each other create the NEXT BIG successful company.

More information about the June 4 event can be found here.