Ten Canadian software companies to watch

IDC Canada has highlighted ten emerging Canadian software companies in a new research study (press release; research store). According to IDC, these companies have “the potential to make an impact in the information and communications technology (ICT) market”.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the study but a ComputerWorld Canada article provides some very high level pointers on criteria and take-aways. In the article, executives from a few of the selected companies talk about what they see as key factors to success, including:

  • Networking through industry associations and research groups
  • Seeking the right partnerships
  • Building a strong customer base
  • Staying close and listening to the customers while keeping an eye on the evolving market
  • Clarity of vision

The ten Canadian companies examined in the study are:

  1. Apparent Networks
  2. Casero
  3. Coveo
  4. Halogen
  5. Idée Inc.
  6. Loki Management Systems
  7. M-Tech
  8. Objectworld
  9. Osellus
  10. Privasoft